Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The modern oil paintings material progress

Due to painting modern oil painting emphasizes direct and spontaneous, this requires that we on the properties of oil paint and method for reconstruction, will it be possible to achieve good results.
We can see his picture in the works of Gustave Courbet is in many places with very thick heavy paint directly up, in order to show a thick, simple style and effect. Van Gogh's works are also used a rotary stroke application of Quake to strong colors of paint, showing his unique like a neurotic's passion and inner intuition.
Compared with the classical period, modern oil paints is the biggest feature of the shape it has a very strong capacity. So it can be used to make a variety of artists enjoyed a high degree of freedom of expression.
Shaping ability of modern oil paints have a very strong, because in its formulation in a wax-like substance called stearic acid has been added, thus changing the classical oil paints that fluid state, and is paste the body at any given time. Stearic acid is not increased too much, nor too little. Adding too much will make the paint hard, use less paint and stacked up.
Modern oil painting reproductions  is raw linseed (walnut oil) painting, cooked in oil in the modern oil painting little place.
Turpentine is still very important to the thinner, some use directly descriptive painters often used it to create a fully and delightfully effect.

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