Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The process of direct painting

Draw of the drawing and classical portrait oil painting methods directly in the program also are very different. Alla prima painting must be straight, reflects all of a sudden the screen's colors of black, white and grey layout and overall effect, then this step by step on the basis of in-depth. Alla prima
Paint will not leave the steps are as follows:
(1) draft
Sketched out the contours of the objects on the canvas with charcoal and deal with rough sketches, and some artists directly with cooked Brown with a little cool, or after diluted with turpentine, the Zafiro directly on the canvas in this process. Because Brown is an intermediate color, easy to coordinate with any other color. Ultramarine blue (some artists have used green, Crimson, Desert Tan) color of a sketched outline after the work is completed by some residual choppy edges, takes on a special color effects.
(2) tone
Easy fuel dilution and painted with colors similar to the colors of objects quickly out of the overall color of the image. Note that tone should be slightly stronger than the last effect you want to achieve, in this step color should not paint too thick. When the general tone should take the Lead on, tone draws a distinct, as constantly characterizations, various gray naturally will call this "far" hue is just right.
(3) an in-depth description
After a little volatile turpentine, with a thick paint on screen step by step for in-depth characterization, if conditions for comparatively long time best. It should be noted that a planned step to complete, only painted face today, for example, then the rest is fixed. Huashou tomorrow, anywhere other than the hand only when tint on the picture's background. Not finish day action painting knives scrape the thick color, to its base after thousands of pictures to avoid oil absorption.
Paint should be kept in mind while bright colors in General should draw more thick, and generally are required to draw relatively thin dark color.
(4) collective adjustment
After several complete oil painting reproductions detail-rich, some details may have exceeded predetermined requirements, remove unnecessary details, adjusting the overall relationship, the entire screen dash phase, some of the more prominent.

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