Monday, June 4, 2012

Oil painting in the art of "light and shadow"

 People on their own peripheral objective light used tend not to be especially vulnerable to Visual attention, rich in subtle and artistic work of changing light, lively and realistic light and shadow effects are instantly arouse people's attention, or even emotional fluctuations, so as to raise awareness on light and shade exploration of some kind.
On our ever-changing the color of nature, its cause is "light". Light of various factors, such as changes in the light source itself, different angles of sunlight by various objects reflection shade and influence each other, and so on, will affect the color of felt. "Colour is the main source of light", or base the world recognized principles. As early as the Renaissance, artists in the use of light and shadow contrast and color levels change, spatial skills, resulting in promotion of influence, Leonardo da Vinci first use natural light in the painting, he says in his paintings; "should you draw shadow fading in the light must be sth like a mist or as light music. "Impressionist painter of light in landscape painting has made tremendous contribution, they found everything in the light of light looked so wonderful, they chanted" masters of light painting ". For show, they use color to set aside by the Venetian painting school began 300 years of tonal painting, but draw directly with primary colors of pigments, Cambodia with a color point, color, color line and purchase by way of fibrillation in the screen, minimize the mixing of color, keep color Definition.
Turns out, one of the main art of oil painting language alone, to the whole process of china oil painting reproductions , of small to very small sections, under the influence of light, hitting people's vision.
The symbolic role of light and shadow, dates back to the earliest humans just that period of history. In the Bible, light is used to symbolize God, Christ, truth, virtue, and Saviour, Li has been used to symbolize the dark evil and demons. Symbol in religion in the light of the role of artists of the middle ages, of course, very well. On the effect of light in painting, since the Renaissance, has been continuously research and exploration in theory and in practice. However, really symbolic role played out of moving, is the Netherlands greatest painter Rembrandt's painting, he was a miracle caused by use of light and shadow paintings of master. Since he was 26 years old works that make SB famous starting the anatomy courses of Professor Du Erpu, of the night tour, to finally put down the pen of the self portrait oil painting  in his later years, "light" has always been his one of the most beautiful in the picture. In the hands of Rembrandt, SG is no longer just an ornament, it became an experienced people from the real to the real light, and by the bright and dark parts of the kind of beautiful scenery, has been turned into a symbol of enlightenment or. Rembrandt paintings in the "light" of experience along with his ups and downs, to psychological induction into more subjective color shine. It is intuitive, "his light" is the symbol of light in his heart, eye, filled with compassion for life, love, it is very warm. Rembrandt in order to strengthen the radiation effect of the object, they removed all the details of the brightest area, the surface of this uncertainty and further makes it unpredictable and non-material.
In those who see no light in painting styles, symbol of the role and performance of the dark and light effects are inherent characteristics reflected by various object itself. Lily white to symbolize purity. And when exposure to sexual practices being applied when it comes to painting, symbol and performance tasks borne by light irradiation and weak contrast of the shadow. Lost of carving and painting of the people suffering from depression is to illustrate a rich guide example above. Using traditional depicts a person suffering from depression most of its face was painted a dark gray, the woman in the picture back towards the light source, naturally buried his face in the shadows. This treatment well, which makes sense given by the brightness of the object must, without prejudice to the objective of this body image; both objects into black, white, and suggests that the object itself is not black. Goya etched art, symbol, often seen on the method used.

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